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Saturday, March 3, 2012

OR how Pintrest made me a "better mom"

So I decided to start this blog to document my attempts at domestication. These were mostly inspired by the following events that occurred over the last year:

1. My husband tried to teach me how to make pancakes..... EPIC FAIL

2. My father and mother stared at me in disappointed disbelief when my response to "You don't know how to fry an egg?" was a very honest "yes."

3. I joined a cooking club and made my husband cook all the meals.

Then came Pintrest, which I imagine everyone knows about. It has made me feel pretty inadequate as a woman, wife, and mother. Here everyone displays all their potential craftiness for the world to see. I was shocked (and a little horrified) to discover that some of my dear friends had found their inner Martha Stewart (the craftiness, not the thievery).

For example one friend is now quilting. Really? This friend drives a sports car, is a highly specialized doctor, and a ball-busting feminist. But apparently she quilts too. My best friend made her own Valentine's for her son's class (WTH? they like the store bought ones better anyway! Who exactly will be impressed by these?? Hmmmm?). I also have several friends who have found their inner photographer, etc....

Needless to say I am starting to feel a little, well NOT well-rounded. In the past I used to say "I don't like cooking" or "I am not crafty" and leave it at that, this just no longer cuts it and doesn't do the whole thing justice. I mean it is more likely that I am too high on achievement motivation or perfectionism, which has made me fear the failure that is likely to accompany attempts at these activities. Sorry for the psychobabble!

But now I have decided to try my hand at it and document the experience for mine (and maybe others') entertainment. This is not likely to be a very frequent blog because

1. I have no time.

2. I have 2 jobs.

3. I have 2 small children, 4 dogs, a husband, and a problem with overcommitting and

4. I have no time.

I also really like making lists :-)

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