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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sacraficial balloons and Pillsbury love!

So to begin my new adventures in being more domestic I hosted my son's second birthday. Since his given name is Thomas and he likes trains we went with that. I mad a beautiful balloon wreathe, which I proudly pointed out to everyone who entered. I mean, that thing took several hours of my life and 200 balloons! I deserve some recognition here!

Also, much to my family's suprise, made most of the food myself. After this party my husband began to call me "The crescent roll goddess." Well you have to start somewhere. I labored over pizza pinwheels and ham and cheese roll-ups. I made train-shaped sandwhiches and even attempted cake pops. Apparently you really do have to use bakers chocolate.

We decorated the front walk with masking tape that looked like train tracks and gave everyone conducters hats when they entered. We had serveware shaped like trains and gave train whistles as favors. I felt very successful. Heck I may have even been prouder of myself than when I finished my dissertation. Bite me all you Martha Stewarts!

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